Promise of Home is still working hard behind the scenes despite Covid-19 postponements. We have been meeting virtually as a team and with the youth participants, perfecting their Stories of Home.

#PromiseofHome #Fredericton #IHaveAStoryToTell

Hello all!

We are very impressed with your work. Thank you all for you hard work, creativity, and dedication.

As a team, we are ready to move forward. However, with COVID-19 there have been school cancellations, event cancellations, and university closures

Video from our third Life-Writing Workshop. These participants are putting a lot of hard work into sharing their stories! #PromiseofHome #IHaveAStoryToTell #Fredericton

If there are still interested participants and/or supporters out there, send us a message! Or visit our website for more information. #PromiseofHome #IHaveAStoryToTell #Fredericton

Our second workshop went wonderfully! It is clear we have some passionate writers, drama enthusiasts, and artists. Can't wait for next week's workshop! #PromiseofHome #IHaveAStoryToTell #Fredericton promise_home photo

Our second workshop starts today at 10am. See you there! #PromiseofHome #IHaveAStoryToTell #Fredericton