Promise of Home Phase Two Story Trailers!

Each story has a trailer of less than three minutes.



TRAILER: From Euphrates To Saint John River – Widad Ali

TRAILER: La historia que repito – Carlos Morales


TRAILER: Migration and A Sense of Belonging – Sagida Elnihum


TRAILER: What If I Was Deaf and Mute? – Frank Luo


TRAILER: My Dreams Are Followed By Me – Duoyu ‘Dominic’ Xu


TRAILER: It Really Bothered Me More Than I Thought It Would – Mai Huynh


TRAILER: My Home is The Home of Peace – Will and Debbie van den Hoonaard


TRAILER: I Want To Call It Home – Bianca Prajescu


TRAILER: Where Do I Belong – Yuhan Pan


TRAILER: “Home Is. . .” A Play In Three Acts – Ilkay Silk


TRAILER: Our Immigration Story – Mara and Filipe


TRAILER: A Little Joy – Lily Wang


TRAILER: Mi Vida/My Life – Haydée Sainz Gimeno


TRAILER: Jasmine Flower – Lucy Huang


TRAILER: To Let The Body Feel – A.F.N Hassan