What is Promise of Home?

Promise of Home is a research project that helps local immigrants share their stories of whether Fredericton feels like home to them or not. The research is done by collecting stories—narratives—of the experiences of immigrants before or after they arrived in Fredericton. They can be good experiences, not so good experiences, or a mix.

Basically, this project collects anything that newcomers feel that they would like the community to know about who they are, where they come from, and how they are doing in Fredericton since they arrived. The stories will then be used to write a report that will go to the relevant authorities and agencies working with immigrants in Fredericton. This is an opportunity for newcomers to share their voice about matters that are important to them and to the community as a whole.

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Who’s involved in Promise of Home?

Promise of Home consists of a team that organizes the project, and the participants who choose to tell their stories and become storytellers. The project is led by Dr Gül Çaliskan, a sociology professor at St. Thomas University. Her current team includes another university professor, research students, and members of the immigrant community. The participants are local newcomers and immigrants who chose to tell their stories in Phase 1 and the future participants who will tell their stories in Phase 2.

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New Deadline to join our project: May 31st!