What is Promise of Home?

Promise of Home is a community-based research project in four phases. In Phase 1, we are looking for high school students who would like to share their experiences since immigrating to Fredericton. Phase 2 will look for immigrant families to share the same, while Phase 3 will include everyone in the community who wants to share their hopes and aspirations for a more inclusive community. Phase 4 will use all of the stories gathered to help make policy recommendations on how to make Fredericton more inclusive to anyone who is new.

What is Promise of Home looking to learn in Phase 1?

Promise of Home seeks to understand your hopes, plans, and experiences in the Fredericton community as well as at your school. We will do that by coaching you in expressing your stories using various forms, such as story-writing, music, poetry, spoken word, drama and visual arts. You will have opportunities to learn about these expressive forms, try them, and choose the one that you think is the best way for you to tell your story. You can do it by yourself or with a group of the other project participants.

Who can participate in Phase 1?

We are looking for currently enrolled high school students living in Fredericton whose families have immigrated to Canada.