Thanks to Isabelle Leger for covering our project for @CBCNB.
“A team of researchers is asking immigrants to Fredericton to share their stories and concerns to create positive change in the city.”
Reminder tomorrow's workshop from 1-4pm at James Dunn Hall, Room G6.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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Thank you to every participant who came to the workshop last Saturday, May 28. We had great conversation engagements from all participants!

#promiseofhome #ihaveastorytotell #home #senseofbelonging
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Hello Everyone!

This is a reminder of our upcoming workshop this Saturday, May 28, from 1pm to 3pm at the James Dunn Hall (JDH, Room G6). This workshop will focus on worksheet questions 11-28, as well as sharing our findings from the first workshop.
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In April we visited 2 high schools in Fredericton area, @LHHSRoars and @FHSkats. That was a fun, meaningful and inspirational tour for us.
Special thanks to Mr. Neil Brewer (FHS) and Ms. Stephanie Henry (LHHS) for making our visits possible.
Thanks to Dr. Shannonbrooke Murphy,
Endowed Chair in Human Rights, @STUHMRTDept @StThomasU, for hosting Dr @caliskangul to talk about @promise_home in her HMRT 1003 class this morning.

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