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Dr. Vose receives a SSHRC Insight Grant

More fantastic news: Congratulations to Dr. Robin Vose who received a SSHRC Insight Grant valued at $81,622 for his research project “The inquisitor’s lens: a global survey of inquisition manuals and juridical literature.”

Dr. Brad Cross acclaimed for distinguished teaching by the Association of Atlantic Universities

“Dr. Bradley Cross, an Associate Professor in the Department of History at St. Thomas University, believes that his most successful courses are ones in which he draws attention to what the class, including himself, doesn’t know or might not be able to know. He explains that this approach provides “a common goal of asking good questions and sorting out possible pathways to learning the answers to these questions”. As a result he and his students learn as a collective through many non-traditional techniques and environments. Given the unplanned directions such an approach can take, teaching can entail a lot of risk but Brad Cross defines good teaching as a dynamic process that requires “a combination of preparation and intuitive response to the unexpected”.

To increase student motivation and their understanding of difficult-to-grasp abstract concepts, …<more>”

Welcome or welcome back to STU!

Aren’t you getting excited about the fall? We are too, and we’ve got some great courses that you might not have heard about <>, including the following ones:

— History of the United Nations (HIST-2453)
The United Nations represents the first serious effort toward an international government. History of the United Nations examines the evolution of this unique international body from its creation in 1945 to the present. It seeks to understand how the United Nations has shaped world history, what its low and high points have been, and what its challenges and potential are in the twenty-first century.

— European Social Policy (HIST-3263 )
This course traces the development of social policy in Europe since the end of the 19th century and examines how governments became involved not only in assuring citizens’ defense and freedom, but also their overall well-being through programmes such as maternity and child benefits, unemployment insurance and old-age pensions.

— The History Workshop (History 3553) is available to students who want to get the most out of their History education at STU. History Workshop is typically offered only once a year. It provides students with a chance to enhance their skills of historical analysis, writing and oral communication through close engagement with an important historical event or issue. We recommend this course to students planning to take 4000-level seminars, students considering an application to graduate programmes or professional schools, and any student with a serious interest in historical research and writing. If you are interested in this special opportunity, please contact Dr. Walhain, who will teach the course this fall (Monday, 2:30-5:20). His e-mail address is

HIST-3553 The History Workshop

ATTN: Honours and seminar students

HIST-3553 The History Workshop

The start of the new academic year is approaching rapidly, and I would like to remind you that I am offering “The History Workshop” in the Fall. This course is particularly worthwhile for those of you who are registered in a History seminar this year (or plan to take one in the future). The course will be run as a seminar, with close interaction amongst students and instructor, and you will have the opportunity to enhance your skills of historical analysis, writing and oral communication by practicing them on a historical research project of your choice. In other words, you could be working on a research paper that you wrote for a previous history class or one that you’ll start in this year’s seminar.

Class will meet on Mondays at 02:30PM – 05:20PM

Please contact me before you go to the Registrar’s Office, as you need my permission to register.
With best wishes,

Luc Walhain

Dr. Luc Walhain to present research in Sweden

Dr. Luc Walhain will be presenting an aspect of his research at the 17th Annual International Conference on Economics and Security, which will be hosted by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute on 14-15 June 2013 in Sweden. The working title of his paper is “US Military Bases in Korea since 1945: A History of ‘Collateral Profits.’”


Dr. Rusty Bittermann’s research is acclaimed

Re-Kudos: Scholarship acclaimed

Outstanding Career Research Award !

“Dr. Rusty Bittermann has been described as one of the most original explorers of Atlantic Canada’s past, particularly for his ability to discover in our region the forces transforming the North Atlantic world. A professor in the Department of History, he has written three monographs on Atlantic history. His articles have appeared in the Canadian Historical Review, Labour/Le Travail, Histoire sociale/Social History and Acadiensis. His works have been widely republished and have received the Canadian Historical Association’s Bullen and Clio Prizes, and the Democracy 250 Atlantic Book Award.

As well, his work has twice received the Canadian Historical Association’s Neatby Prize for outstanding scholarship in women’s history. He has served as editor of Acadiensis and acting co-editor of the Journal of Canadian Studies. Bittermann has presented his work to academic audiences in Canada, the United States and Europe and has been a teacher and mentor to undergraduate and graduate students.”

Source: Campus News

Dr. Robin Vose receives the Special Merit Award

Kudos: Special Merit Award Recipient

“Dr. Robin Vose, a professor in the Department of History, was honoured for his contributions to teaching, research and the University community. An innovative educator, he has developed courses that enhance understanding of religious and cultural issues. He has supported the Student Research and Ideas Fair and the Society for History, as well as the Atlantic Universities Undergraduate History and Classics Conference. Vose is the author of numerous peer-reviewed scholarly articles and his book, Dominicans, Muslims and Jews in the Medieval Crown of Aragon (Cambridge), gained international attention. He was also a visiting research associate at Notre Dame. He recently received a St. Thomas University research grant to support his study of Inquisition manuals held by the British Library.”

Dr. Vose was President of the Faculty Association of the University of St. Thomas (FAUST) and is Vice-President of the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT).

Source: Campus News

Global History of Coffee by Dr. Carey Watt

Check out Dr. Carey Watt’s piece on the global history of coffee in the World History Bulletin <>. Furthermore, his recently published collection on civilizing missions has been now been released in paperback in India <>!

Faculty research activities: Dr. Huskins

Dr. Bonnie Huskins, Lecturer in the History Department and Professional Officer of the STU Faculty Association (FAUST), is the co-recipient of a four-year collaborative SSHRCC Insight grant called “Vocabularies of Identity II: the evolution of collective identity in Acadian and Loyalist texts published in New Brunswick newspapers from 1880 to 1938.” The principal investigator on the project is Dr. Chantal Richard from the French Department at UNB, and other members of the team include our very own Sheila Andrew and Cecilia Francis.

Awards to outstanding History students

At the end of each year, the History Department recognises outstanding students we have had the chance to teach in our classes. Congratulations to the recipients of the following awards:

Chuddy McCarthy Memorial Prize for History in Fourth Year:
Nathalie Cormier

Senator John J. Connolly Prize for History in Third Year:
Alexandra Fox and Cindy Kimove (the award will be shared this year)

I.O.D.E. Prize for highest standing in Canadian History:
Michael Maloney

Desmond Prize for Medieval History:
Jared Doyle

Dr. Tony Rhinelander Exploring History Prize:
Adrienne Arsenault