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Dr. Rusty Bittermann’s research is acclaimed

Re-Kudos: Scholarship acclaimed

Outstanding Career Research Award !

“Dr. Rusty Bittermann has been described as one of the most original explorers of Atlantic Canada’s past, particularly for his ability to discover in our region the forces transforming the North Atlantic world. A professor in the Department of History, he has written three monographs on Atlantic history. His articles have appeared in the Canadian Historical Review, Labour/Le Travail, Histoire sociale/Social History and Acadiensis. His works have been widely republished and have received the Canadian Historical Association’s Bullen and Clio Prizes, and the Democracy 250 Atlantic Book Award.

As well, his work has twice received the Canadian Historical Association’s Neatby Prize for outstanding scholarship in women’s history. He has served as editor of Acadiensis and acting co-editor of the Journal of Canadian Studies. Bittermann has presented his work to academic audiences in Canada, the United States and Europe and has been a teacher and mentor to undergraduate and graduate students.”

Source: Campus News

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