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Monthly Archives: March 2014

New intersession course: HIST-3473 Frontiers in World History

From 28 April through 22 May, 9:00-11:30 am. Mon-Thurs. “This course examines how societies have imagined, represented, and interacted around so-called “frontiers” in world history. It explores places where trade, migration, conquest, and other cultural exchanges have had a profound impact on societies and even produced new cultural configurations. No prerequisites.”

STU History students present at the AUUHCC

Four students from the STU History Department shared their research at the 2014 Atlantic Universities Undergraduate History & Classics Conference (AUUHCC) held at UPEI on 7-9 March. – Kathleen King, “Disney Meets the Powerpuff Girls: Race, Gender and ‘Girl Power’ in the 1990s” – Michael F. Maloney, “Barometers of Nineteenth-Century Agricultural Transformation: Evolution of Single-Furrow […]

History Lecture: “Slavery, Freedom and Mutiny on the ‘Black Prince’” by Dr. Jim Sweet

Many thanks to Dr. Jim Sweet from the University of Wisconsin-Madison who gave a stimulating and inspiring World History talk to an attentive audience at STU. “In January 1769, the crew of the British slave ship “Black Prince” murdered their officers a few hundred miles off the West African coast, changed the name of the […]

Matthew Pain en route to present work at St. Thomas in Houston

Congratulations to Matthew Pain, a History Honours student in his final year at STU, who will represent the university at the Research Symposium at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas this year. He will present “Policy in Israel Before and After 1948: How Agricultural Management Has Shaped a Collective Palestinian Identity.”

History students present at Research & Ideas Fair

Several History students are presenting their work at today’s Research & Ideas Fair. 1PM, BMH 108 Andrew Knowles, “Meiji Japan: Striving for Westernization through Banquets” Michael F. Maloney, “Barometers of Nineteenth-Century Agricultural Transformation Evolution of Single-Furrow-Walking Ploughs in West-Central New Brunswick” 2:50PM, BMH 102 Kelly Ferguson, “Light it up: Kerosene Oil and the Changing Lives […]