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STU History students present at the AUUHCC

Four students from the STU History Department shared their research at the 2014 Atlantic Universities Undergraduate History & Classics Conference (AUUHCC) held at UPEI on 7-9 March.

– Kathleen King, “Disney Meets the Powerpuff Girls: Race, Gender and ‘Girl Power’ in the 1990s”
– Michael F. Maloney, “Barometers of Nineteenth-Century Agricultural Transformation: Evolution of Single-Furrow Walking Ploughs in West-Central New Brunswick”
– Stephanie Violette, “Clay vs. Tin: The Cultural Significance of Handmade and Factory-made Inkwells in the Nineteenth-Century Home”
– Michael Haley, “A Society of Change: Tracing Canada’s Growing National Identity, 1943-1953”

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