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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Daniel Villeneuve ’06 in Japan

Danny Villeneuve moved to Japan after graduating from STU, and has been teaching English while learning Japanese.  He is the Prefectural Advisor at Miyagi Prefecture Board of Education.  He is planning to do an MA in Commerce at a Japanese university.

Christy Clarke ’08 nominated for a doctoral SSHRC

Christy Clarke has been nominated for a doctoral SSHRC, and is awaiting confirmation from Ottawa.  Christy is planning to write about the history of the horse in Canada for her doctorate at UNB.

Doyle Lahey ’09 completes an MA at St. Mary’s University

Doyle Lahey, who graduated with a History Honours, defended his MA at SMU earlier this year.  His thesis examines the history of the Irish diaspora history in this region of North America.  Doyle has applied to do a doctorate at Dalhousie and MUN.

Anne Dance ’09 offered prestigious scholarships

Anne Dance, who graduated with Honours in History, has just earned a Commonwealth to do environmental history at Stirling, UK. As well, she has been offered Georgetown University’s one and only environmental doctoral fellowship to work with John McNeill (an opportunity of a lifetime).  The Georgetown Fellowship includes free tuition, a significant pot of money […]