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History students present at Research & Ideas Fair

Several History students are presenting their work at today’s Research & Ideas Fair.

1PM, BMH 108
Andrew Knowles, “Meiji Japan: Striving for Westernization through Banquets”
Michael F. Maloney, “Barometers of Nineteenth-Century
Agricultural Transformation Evolution of Single-Furrow-Walking Ploughs in West-Central New Brunswick”

2:50PM, BMH 102
Kelly Ferguson, “Light it up: Kerosene Oil and the Changing Lives of Rural Canadians, 1850-1910”

2:50PM, BMH 108
Stephanie Violette, “Until Death Do Us Part: Binaries and Balance in the Wife of Bath’s and the Franklin’s Breton Lais”

2:50PM, BMH 204
Matthew Pain, “Policy in Israel Before and After 1948: How Agricultural Management Has Shaped a Collective Palestinian Identity”
Bliss White, “We Must go to the Orient:” Bonaparte, the Near East, and the Legacies of Crusade and jihad, 1798-1801″

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