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HIST-3553 The History Workshop

ATTN: Honours and seminar students

HIST-3553 The History Workshop

The start of the new academic year is approaching rapidly, and I would like to remind you that I am offering “The History Workshop” in the Fall. This course is particularly worthwhile for those of you who are registered in a History seminar this year (or plan to take one in the future). The course will be run as a seminar, with close interaction amongst students and instructor, and you will have the opportunity to enhance your skills of historical analysis, writing and oral communication by practicing them on a historical research project of your choice. In other words, you could be working on a research paper that you wrote for a previous history class or one that you’ll start in this year’s seminar.

Class will meet on Mondays at 02:30PM – 05:20PM

Please contact me before you go to the Registrar’s Office, as you need my permission to register.
With best wishes,

Luc Walhain