• Fernanda Damiani
  • Panic in college square

    More students than ever before confess to suffering from anxiety. With student services at St. Thomas and other universities struggling to meet demands, Fernanda Damiani talks about her own struggles and how she and others have learned to coped.  I had a few panic attacks during my life, one of them made me break my […]

  • Fernanda Damiani
  • Skin deep

    I’ve been asking my parents if I could have a tattoo since I was 15. My Catholic conservative family is 120 per cent against it, because the Bible says so and bla bla bla. I had to wait until I was 18 to get my first tattoo, and of course, my parents had no idea. […]

  • Fernanda Damiani
  • Q&A with Martin Kutnowski

    From Argentina to the States and from the States to Canada, that’s how Martin Kutnowski’s life can be summarized. Canada is his third home, and since the day he arrived here, ten years ago, Fredericton is his house. Kutnowski grew up in Argentina, but he had a chance to study in the US. After that, […]

  • Arts and Culture
  • Dope hero

    Latin Americans, even here in Fredericton, can’t escape him. The notorious Pablo Escobar cast a shadow over Colombia in an unprecedented reign as the world’s richest and most ruthless drug dealer. Now in the grave, he’s casting his shadow on TV screens with the Netflix hit Narcos.

  • Cody Peters
  • The low-down on stance

    With roots in Japanese gang subcultures, stance can be functionally ridiculous and cartoonishly cool. Cody Peters explores how this vehicle modification trend is increasingly becoming the way to rebel in a cookie-cutter car era.   When I first met Daniel Clark I was in town meeting up with all the other local car enthusiasts in the parking lot […]

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  • Looking for Tinderella

    Dating apps may seem desperate and dangerous and as ultimately satisfying as fast food, but a UNB researcher says the trick to using them is being open to new possibilities not limiting them. You download Tinder, see who’s available. You find a person you’re interested in, swipe right. They like you back. Congratulations, it’s a […]