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  • Barbie becomes more diverse

    I scanned the high shelves as I walked down the aisle. Bright colours like yellow, blue, and pink drew my attention. Hundreds of smiling faces stared back at me, unblinking. I admit that you can catch me walking around in Toys ‘R’ Us once every couple of months to see what kind of new or […]

  • Maggie McLean
  • Q+A: Brittany Furness’s New Reality

      Brittany Furness is a 23-year-old waitress, amateur bartender and fanfiction author living in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. She is well-known in the fanfiction community for her self-insert stories. Her most popular story, New Reality, is set in the Tales of Symphonia universe and has over a thousand reviews and hundreds of favourites. […]

  • Maggie McLean
  • Losing someone for the first time

    I found out the day after my 21st birthday that my Aunt Sharon, who was also my godmother, was diagnosed with cancer. She was diagnosed on the day of my actual birthday, but my mom didn’t want to ruin my birthday by telling me that. I was upset, of course, but I repressed it, because […]

  • Jordyn Meade-Baxter
  • Banging the metal drum

    On the outside, Tyson Davidson looks like your typical metalhead. With long hair that’s shaved on the side, usually seen wearing a band shirt and dark clothing, he embodies the essence of what most people would call a “headbanger.” Anyone who has gone to most of the local concerts in Fredericton, probably knows him. Davidson […]

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  • Horror isn’t so horrible

    I remember watching my first horror movie when I was five or six. My grandparents had the pay-per-view plan on their TV, and 13 Ghosts was playing continuously on one of the channels.   I was just a kid, but it didn’t scare me as much as it should have. A big glass house with […]