• Maggie McLean
  • Q+A: Brittany Furness’s New Reality

      Brittany Furness is a 23-year-old waitress, amateur bartender and fanfiction author living in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. She is well-known in the fanfiction community for her self-insert stories. Her most popular story, New Reality, is set in the Tales of Symphonia universe and has over a thousand reviews and hundreds of favourites. […]

  • Ben Crouse
  • Q&A: Sean Ekins, dungeon master

      Sean Ekins is a dungeon master – a storyteller within the tabletop role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). While regular players create characters to play as within the game, he single-handedly creates mythical worlds and fantastical campaigns. Without dungeon masters, there would be no D&D as we know it – they are the story. […]

  • Fernanda Damiani
  • Q&A with Martin Kutnowski

    From Argentina to the States and from the States to Canada, that’s how Martin Kutnowski’s life can be summarized. Canada is his third home, and since the day he arrived here, ten years ago, Fredericton is his house. Kutnowski grew up in Argentina, but he had a chance to study in the US. After that, […]

  • Q&A
  • Q&A: A closer look at Kate Lately

    Kate Lately is a fashion blog produced by Katherine Lutes a St. Thomas grad. She graduated last year and has been blogging for quite some time. She talked about her blog and the things she loves, like fashion and writing. By Nathalie Sturgeon       Q: What is your blog about? A: My blog […]