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From the CAUT President, as well as our colleague, Dr. Robin Vose

Interesting times ahead for CAUT

“These are certainly interesting times in which to take on the presidency of CAUT.

Less than two weeks into my term, news broke that Robert Buckingham had been fired as dean and as a tenured full professor and forcibly removed from the University of Saskatchewan for having had the audacity to publicly voice his concerns about the future of the university’s school of public health, which was under threat from a controversial rationalizing exercise. Within hours, mainstream media across the country and then around the world began to seriously discuss hitherto rarified terms like “academic freedom,” “tenure,” “collegiality” and “transparency” as they apply to university and college life. More sinister euphemisms such as “program prioritization process,” and “TransformUS” also began to find their way into public discourse for the first time. These, my friends, are what we call teachable moments.”  <more>

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