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Dr. Brad Cross receives the John McKendy Memorial Teaching Award

Professor Brad Cross, from the Department of History, will receive the John McKendy Memorial Teaching Award.   Dr. Cross believes that his most successful courses are ones in which he draws attention to what the class, including himself, doesn’t know or might not be able to know.  He and the students learn as a collective and through many non-traditional teaching techniques.

“I consider teaching to be a combination of preparation and response to the unexpected – teaching seems to be a dynamic process that continues to change with the work we are doing,” said Cross.

His students have studied historical artifacts at King’s Landing to learn about the past through material history. His travel-study courses to New York have provided rich learning opportunities that bring urban history to life and help broaden student’s knowledge and experience.

“His outside-the-classroom trips to study history have been as well orchestrated as his classroom sessions and have proven to be some of the greatest learning experiences of my time in university,” said a student who nominated Cross for the award.

“It was an honour to be nominated by students,” added Cross. “These students were subject to experimentation, experiential learning and hands-on approaches. They’ve been involved in research as well.”

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