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New History courses offered in the Fall

Two more history courses have been posted on Web Advisor in the past few days.  They are:

HIST 2433: Comparative History of North America –         TTH      8:30 am      Semester 1  (Dr. Bonnie Huskins)
This course is designed to acquaint students with broad developments in the history of North America. In the course of studying the North American continent, we will examine the experiences of contact between indigenous and immigrant cultures; the transmission of European ideas and institutions to the American hemisphere; the influence of the Atlantic system of commerce on regional economies; and the struggles of various peoples in the Americas to define themselves and others. Students will be asked to draw connections between major events and occurrences, and to try and find coherence in distant, contemporaneous events.

HIST 3153: The Sahara World –         TTH      4:00 pm           Semester 1     (Dr. Jennifer Lofkrantz)
This course is designed to introduce students to the main events and themes that unite the societies and cultures of the Sahara, North Africa, and the Sudan/Sahel, from the earliest times to the present with a particular focus on the 15th-19th centuries.  The African continent has been central to the development of world history (the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and beyond) and for much of that time, the Sahara has been a key crossroads of trade and intellectual exchange. Key themes to be addressed include trade, intellectual thought, the environment, political change, religion, gender, and colonialism.   We will also explore how Saharan societies have affected both European and sub-Saharan African societies and were themselves impacted with this contact.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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