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Information for students choosing History courses for next year

Pre-Registration is on for 2011-2012!

Some information for students choosing History courses for next year:

— Look to the Department’s webpages and WebAdvisor for information about courses being offered in 2011-2012.

— The University Calendar lists courses that will be taught at some point over the next three years. We have to rotate the courses on a 3-year cycle, so some courses are offered yearly, but others come up only every 2 or 3 years. Email the relevant instructor if you know there’s a course that interests you and you’d like an idea of when it might be offered next.

— More courses will be posted in the coming weeks. Contact the Chair ( if you would like to receive email updates about additional courses.

— If you would like more information about a specific course you see in WebAdvisor, email the instructor directly with your questions.


For general advice on choosing History courses, contact:

Dr. Karen Robert, Department Chair:
Dr. Brad Cross, Majors Advisor:

If you are interested in applying for History Honours or learning more about the Honours program, contact:

Dr. Carey Watt, Honours Advisor: