First day(s) of class

For most of us here at STU, yesterday and today were the first days of class for the Fall 2011 semester. We have three completely full sections of Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, and one completely full section of Introduction to Physical Anthropology. We are also teaching:

  • two Area Ethnography courses (South America and Aboriginal Experiences in Cities)
  • Archaeology of Early Societies – North/Central America
  • Human Biological Diversity
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Reading Ethnography
  • Applied Forensic Anthropology
  • and our three required upper-year courses: Readings in Anthropological Theory, Qualitative Research Methods, and Issues in Anthropology

So life is busy again. Any students here at STU interested in these courses can contact me, or the professor offering the course.


Welcome to STUAnthroBlog!

Welcome to STUAnthroBlog, a blog created for, and about, anthropology at St. Thomas University. My name is Peter Toner, and I will be your host. I am a social anthropologist specializing in music and social identity in northeast Arnhem Land, Australia, and New Brunswick, Canada.

Ours is a small department of four full-time and three part-time faculty members, in a small liberal arts university in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Over the next few weeks I will endeavour to introduce them all to you.

My intentions in creating this blog are twofold: first, to provide a resource for students at St. Thomas University who are interested in anthropology; and second, to share with the blogosphere something of the research and teaching interests of STU anthropologists. Comments are welcome!

Now, please bear with me as I figure out how to use WordPress…