Peter Toner


Peter Toner is a social anthropologist and ethnomusicologist specializing in music and social identity. Since 1995 he has conducted two years’ worth of fieldwork among the Yolngu of northeast Arnhem Land, Australia. For his PhD research at the School of Archaeology and Anthropology at the Australian National University, he lived in the Aboriginal community of Gapuwiyak, N.T., studying traditional ritual music of the manikay genre and its relation to sociality, cosmology, and connection to place. His postdoctoral research centred around the repatriation of digitized archival recordings of Yolngu music back to their communities of origin, and examined issues of intangible cultural heritage, cultural property, and the social life of repatriated music. Since 2005 he has extended his research interests to folk music and Irish cultural identity in New Brunswick.


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