Atlantic 50+ Learning Organizations Conference (held in PEI) – TAC representative

Fed Minister of State (Seniors) roundtable pre-budget consultation in Saint John – TAC representative

Horizon Health Network advisory committee (community health assessment) – TAC representative

NB Social Policy Research Network Forum on Aging – three TAC representatives

Seniors To Schools Project – TAC initiative

National Seniors Council Roundtable Consultation in Halifax – TAC representative

Seniors To Schools Project – TAC initiative

NB Family Caregivers Coalition – TAC representative

Promoting Wellness and Active Living to NB Seniors – two TAC representatives

NB Long Term Care Strategy for Seniors – TAC representative

NB Catastrophic Drug Costs-TAC representative

NB Chronic Disease Prevention – TAC representative

Meetings with UNB President to advocate for access by seniors to credit and non-credit courses

NB liaison for Canadian Network for the prevention of Elder Abuse

NB Association of Social Workers – public Representative on their Board

City of Fredericton Community Planning Group- TAC representative

Adult Learning Knowledge Centre -TAC representative

Provincial Mental Health Forum – three TAC representatives

Representation made to cross-Canada hearings held by CMHC and the National Homelessness Secretariat on Seniors’ Housing, Spring 2005

Encouraged debate on nursing home policies by sponsoring a public lecture by the Province’s Ombudsman, Spring 2005.

Fredericton Task Force on Seniors: Presentations by the Task Force of 89 recommendations to the City of Fredericton.

Proposals to the Presidents of STU and UNB regarding seniors’ involvement in university courses.

Development and presentation of Briefs to Provincial Task Force on NB Health Services, to the NB Task Force on Wellness, and to the CRTC Hearings on charges for local telephone calls.

Participate in Federal hearings on Human Rights and New Technologies, and in two provincial workshops on Adult Literacy in NB.

TAC invited to participate in hearings on Provincial Social Services Review and on CRTC services for seniors (both in Ottawa and in Saint John). TAC submissions were directly responsible for CRTC developing its own toll-free numbers and for the creation of the 866 number to enable toll-free calls by any Canadians.

Planning of major, multi-stakeholder conferences in Spring 2004 to advocate policy change for increased independence of seniors and reduction of health costs via more effective home support and more innovative housing models.