Establishing the Centre

During 1989-1990, NB seniors produced two reports — one to consider the need for an organization such as a “third age” centre, and the other to look at the needs of seniors in rural areas, particularly regarding physical exercise for better health.

A group of ten seniors then applied for a “New Horizons” federal government grant to establish the Third Age Centre (TAC). To be housed at St. Thomas University (STU) via an arrangement with STU, it would, however, work as an independent organization operated for, by and with seniors in NB. Its presence at STU would be expected to contribute to the work of the Gerontology Department and add some lustre to STU’s reputation. TAC would speak to English-speaking populations predominantly but also to French-speaking ones as appropriate (given other organizations already established for Francophones). TAC also would develop strong links to relevant provincial and national organizations.

On January 15, 1991, TAC was formally launched with a mandate for advocacy, research and educational activity. In 1994, TAC gained charitable status with a tax number. Since 1991, TAC has become widely known nationally for its various initiatives.