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  • Barbie becomes more diverse

    I scanned the high shelves as I walked down the aisle. Bright colours like yellow, blue, and pink drew my attention. Hundreds of smiling faces stared back at me, unblinking. I admit that you can catch me walking around in Toys ‘R’ Us once every couple of months to see what kind of new or […]

  • Ben Crouse
  • Q&A: Sean Ekins, dungeon master

      Sean Ekins is a dungeon master – a storyteller within the tabletop role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). While regular players create characters to play as within the game, he single-handedly creates mythical worlds and fantastical campaigns. Without dungeon masters, there would be no D&D as we know it – they are the story. […]

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  • Multicultural Fair held at St. Thomas

    By Nathan DeLong The St. Thomas University International Students Association (STUISA) held its 2016 Multicultural Fair on Saturday, Feb. 20 on the liberal arts campus in Fredericton. It served as a fundraiser for financial aid incentives for international students at STU. Photos and audio compiled by Nathan DeLong