Other-than-Human Spirituality in the modern age

This project focuses on how we experience the spiritual.  Whatever pathway we take and wherever we are on that journey, we create an identity that integrates the spiritual.  The project focuses on diversity in spirituality, and is not limited to those who identify as Other-than-Human, those these are the communities we have been focusing on recently.

We would like to hear from anyone who is willing to share the story of their spiritual journey whether their otherkinity is the basis of their spirituality, or they follow any other spiritual path.  To date we have interviewed individuals as diverse as elves and dragons who have created their own elven/dragon paths, and Christian and chaos magic therians.

For more details go to: Spiritual identity PIS Jan 2019

If after reading the information sheet, please review the consent form: Spiritual identity Consent forms Jan 2019-2

If you are interested in participating, please contact either Clive Baldwin (baldwin@stu.ca) or Lauren Ripley (hlhnd@stu.ca)

The study has been approved by the Research Ethics Board of St Thomas University.  The approval and renewal letters can be found here:

2014-25 Baldwin approval

2014-25 Baldwin Renew

2014-25 Clive Baldwin Renew

2014-25 Baldwin approval revised