About Us

The Wellness Committee was created as part of the St. Thomas University Strategic Plan 4.3A.  The committee strives to promote the health and wellness of our faculty and staff employees by offering education on health and wellness initiatives.

Wellness Program at STU

In order to provide information and opportunities that promotes health awareness, illness prevention and overall health & wellness knowledge, the Wellness Committee uses the “Seven Dimensions of Health & Wellness” as a guideline.

Committee Members:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the Wellness Committee members listed below, or email wellness@stu.ca

Kate Crawford – ext. 514 or kcrawford@stu.ca
Kelly Humber – ext. 382 or humberk@stu.ca
Derek Simon – ext.437 dsimon@stu.ca
Clara Santacruz – ext. 300 clara@stu.ca
Matthias Pizzera – ext. 414 or mpizzera@stu.ca
Jamie Gillies – ext. 334 or jgillies@stu.ca
Wendy Matthews – ext.209 or wendym@stu.ca
Kaylee Moore – ext. 386 or kaylee@stu.ca
Camila Vasquez – ext. 562 or cvasquez@stu.ca
Michelle Chisholm – ext. 382 or mchisholm@stu.ca
Brett McCavour – ext. 639 or brettm@stu.ca