Major Research Grant

An applicant can apply for a major research grant from the St. Thomas Senate Research Committee. The applicant can use the same research project as the basis for an application to the GISI Research Grant.

However, the aspect of the project that is funded by GISI cannot be the same as that funded by the SRC, i.e, the budgets must be different. The applicant must indicate which parts of the research will be done with GISI money and which parts will be done with money from the other source. If a person has applied to GISI and receives funding from the SRC for exactly the same project ( including the same budgetary expenditures) then that person will be expected to choose between the two grants.

As part of the adjudication process, anyone who has applied to another source of funding for the same project will be required to append that application (especially the budgetary breakdown) to the GISI application.