Ruthie Luff, BA ’10

Made for the Stage: Ruthie Luff, BA ’10

Ruthie Luff’s passion for theatre took her all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. The 2010 STU grad is currently working as an actress in London, England.

Although she loves being in the spotlight, she says theatre isn’t about glitz and glam. It’s about hard work and community.

“A lot of performers have it backwards when they think being on stage is about ‘me, me, me.’ More than anything, theatre is about community. You work with a cast, a director, a costume designer, a lighting designer, stage hands, etc. When you’re lucky enough to come together with all these different people to tell the story, that’s when it becomes very exciting,” she says.

“What I like most about theatre is creating something with people. To be honest, that happens in the rehearsal room, well before we hit the stage.”

After finishing her English honours and great ideas major at St. Thomas, Luff did her master’s degree in performance at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. There, she worked with teachers and tutors who pushed her and inspired her to be a better performer. She practiced her singing, dancing, acting, and even polished a repertoire of accents.

At the end of her programme, she performed in two shows at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh and was picked up by Olivia Bell, a talent agency based in London, England. It didn’t take long for Luff to get auditions, and she has already landed a role in a show at London’s famous Sadler’s Wells Theatre with the company Lost Musicals.

Although Luff is enjoying her time abroad, she plans to eventually come back to Atlantic Canada to work with young people in the theatre.

But for now, she is concentrating on getting as many acting gigs as possible.

“I want to get my feet on a stage here and have the experience of performing to audiences over here. Where that will take me, I don’t know. But as long as there is a show to do and someone to watch it, I will be happy.”