Oh, What a Lovely War!

By Joan Littlewood, Theatre Workshop and Charles Chilton

January 25-28th, 2012

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Hilary Ball
Josie Blackmore
Emily Bosse
Georgia Brown
Matthew Chiasson
Jean-Michel Cliche
Sam Crowell
Mary Fahey
Elizabeth Fraser
Gina Geddes
Ian Goff
Sam Kamras
Tyler Keith MacLennan
Ross Kinney
Eric Kortschak
Jesse LaPointe
Taylor Lavigne
Lexi MacRae
Shae McCarthy
Lori Noel
Nicole Vair
Ryan Van Buskirk
Adam Washburn

Directed by – Ilkay Silk
Choreography – Hilary Ready
Lighting Design – Chris Saad
Scenic Artist – Sheila Toye
Assistant to Scenic Artist – Dora Boudreau
Stage Manager – Kylee French
Assistant Stage Managers – Brett Loughery
– Kelsey Colford
Technicians….Zachary Tingley
– Jason Kinney
Poster – Jeff Hart
Photographer – Stephen Moss

Musical Direction – Michael Doherty
Accompanist & Piano – Anne Marie Muriphy
Bass – Donny Gorman
Percussion – Anthony Savidge
Reed 1 – Kelly Waterhouse
Reed 2 – Doug Vipond
Reed 3 – Tom Richards
Trumpet – Ken Brophy