The Coronation Voyage


Theatre St. Thomas presented:The New Brunswick premiere of
The Coronation Voyageby Michel Marc Bouchard, translated by Linda GaboriauDirected by Robin C. Whittaker
Technical Direction by Chris Saad

At St. Thomas University’s Black Box Theatre, Fredericton, NB

February 19-22, 2014

“From now on, every man and every woman would be a pawn on someone’s chessboard. Everyone was prepared to bargain and everyone had his price.”

May 1953. The majestic ocean-liner the Empress of France leaves Montréal for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Onboard is the former Chief of the Montréal Mafia and his two sons, given free passage out of Canada in exchange for the Chief “naming names.” But to obtain their new passports, their new identities, the Chief will face his toughest choice: Will he sacrifice his youngest son for his family’s new life?

Bouchard’s rich, dynamic story resonates with themes of artistic promise, monarchy, memory, revenge, and forgiveness set against a backdrop of hope for a post-war Canada.

Cast and Creative Team
Ally Loiselle
Ashley Linden
Ben Smith
Bethany Fox
Diana Poitras
Emer O’Flaherty
Emily Bossé
Hilary Ball
Ilkay Silk
Jean-Michel Cliche
Jesse LaPointe
Kyle Cameron
Mary Fahey
Matthew Chiasson
Megan Woodworth
Nell Henderson
Rebecca Bonner
Rebecca Rideout
Samuel Crowell
Shannon Fenelon
Sharisse LeBrun