Almost, Maine

 Almost, Maine by John Cariani


Almost, Maine is a romantic comedy that takes place one mid-winter’s eve in Aroostook County in Northern Maine USA when the  Northern Lights are in their full glory. The show sees residents of a remote town falling in and out of love with hearts broken and hearts mended.



Priscilla Anderson

Hilary Ball

Rebecca Bonner

Danielle Chaisson

Jodi Connors

Seger Dow

Bethany Fox

Ian Goff

Katelyn Goodwin

Geordie Joseph

Lexi MacRae

Renee MacNeill

Arianna Martinez

Jordan McAdam

Miguel Roy

David Smith

Tiffany West



Ilkay Silk  – Director

Chris Saad – Technical Director

Samuel Crowell – Stage Manager


 Almost, Maine ran from November 20-23, 2013 in the Black Box Theatre.

Photos by Stephen Moss.