Time Flies and More Ives

Six Short Plays Written by David Ives

September 10-13, 2008

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Time Flies:

Directed by Matthew James Hines
Horace – Charles MacTavish
May – Sarah Sotvedt
David Attenborough – Michael Coughlan

Words, Words, Words:

Directed by Jeff Dingle
Milton – Steven Lecky
Swift – Bryan Leger
Kafka – Angela Knowles

Seven Menus:

Directed by Ilkay Silk
Paul – Patrick Connolly
Hazel – Jen McVicar
Ruth – Sarah Sotvedt
Jack – Jeff Dingle
Barry – Bryan Leger
Dawn – Carolyn Higle
Phyllis – Katie Malone
Fluff – Steven Lecky

The Mystery at Twicknam Vicarage :

Directed by Matthew James Hines
Rev. Roger Penworthy-Pilks – Charles MacTavish
Sarah Penworthy-Pilks – Carolyn Higle
Inspector Dexter – Michael Coughlan
Mona Thumpington-Fffienes
Jeremy Thumpington-Fffienes – Jeff Dingle

Phillip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread:

Directed by Matthew James Hines
First Woman – Jen McVicar
Sceond Woman – Angela Knowles
Phillip Glass – Patrick Connolly
Baker – Sarah Sotvedt


Directed by Ilkay Silk
Ensemble: Patrick Connolly, Jeff Dingle, Michael Coughlan, Charles MacTavish, Bryan Leger, Marg Craig, Steven Lecky, and Katie Malone
Special appearance by Ryan Griffith as the M.C.


Stage Manager: Mary Keenan
Assistant Stage Managers – Sarah Sotvedt, Jennifer April Butler
Light Designer and Operator: Chris Saad
Sound Operator: Allan Ford
Poster Design: Jeff Hart
Photographer: Stephen Moss