The Rimers of Eldritch

By Lanford Wilson

February 22nd – 25th, 2006


Robert Conklin – Jeff Dingle
Eva Jackson – Carolyn Higle
Evelyn Jackson – Vivien Zelazny
Nelly Windrod – Robin Williams
Mary Windrod – Bethany Brown
Patsy Johnson – Alicia Kennedy
Mavis Johnson – Lindsey Randall
Peck Johnson – Greg Shanks
Josh Johnson – Mike Woodside
Lena Truit – Kate Sandeson
Martha Truit – Jennifer Roberge-Renaud
Wilma Atkins – Robyn Lee Seale
Skelly Mannor – Bryan Leger
Preacher / Judge – James Corbett
Cora Groves – Marissa Robinson
Walter – Clark Colwell
Trucker – Joel Martell


Directed by Ilkay Silk
Lighting Design – Chris Saad
Sound Design – Michael Doherty
Stage Manager – Crystal Connolly
Asst. Stage Manager – Rachel Woods
Lighting Technician – Terry Myers
Sound Operator – Krystale Embree
Stage Assistant – Jule Ann Hardy