The Hostage

Written by Brendan Behan

February 20-23, 2008

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Pat – Matt Goodwin
Meg Dillon – Alyce MacLean
Monsewer – Robbie O’Neill
Rio Rita – Lee Kinney
Princess Grace – Thomas Gillies
Mr. Mulleady – Jeff Dingle
Miss Gilchrist – Amy Bourne
Colette – Emily Bosse
Bridget – Laura Keating
Ropeen – Heather Stuckless
Lesley Williams – Eric Kortschak
Teresa – Megan Bonnell
I.R.A. Officer – Jacob Martin
Volunteer – Patrick Connolly
Russian Sailor – Tyler Folkins
O’Shaunghnesy – Matt Turnbull
Kate – Tonella Roy


Director: Ryan Griffith
Lighting Design: Chris Saad
Stage Manager: Rachel Woods
Assistant Stage Manager: Meredith Daley
Sound Operator: Sarah Sotvedt
Lighting Operator: Jennifer April Butler
Costumes: Ilkay Silk
Scenic Painting: Shelia Toye with Katelyn Ryder
Irish Dance Coach: Hannah Jarvis
Poster Design: Jeff Hart
Photographer: Stephen Moss