An Evening of Ionesco

By Eugene Ionesco

November 2004

The Bald Prima Donna:
Directed by Evan Wasson
Stage Manager: Aaron McCarthy
Assistant Stage Manager: Jessica Gauthier

Mr. Smith- Nick Gallagher
Mrs. Smith- Karla O’Regan
Mr. Martin- Jeff Embelton
Mrs. Martin- Sarah MacAdam
Maid- Brenda Perrin
Fire Chief- Chris Brillant

The Lesson:
Directed by Christine Wolsteholme
Stage Manager: Jodi McDavid
Assistant Stage Manager: Brent Trentholm
Stage Crew: Corrina Whissen

Professor- Ivan Corbett
Student- Kyla Manderson
Maid- Lynette Allan


Technical Director: Mike Holleran
Artistic Director: Johanna Silliker
Window Artist: Kelly Baker
Sound Technician: Trevor MacPherson
Lighting Technician: Trevor Hulberg
Front House Manager: Sally Cogswell
Set Construction: Shaun Chamberlin, Ken Briggs, Trevor Hulberg, Jodi McDavid, Lynette Allan, Sarah MacAdam