Scenes from The Possibilities

By Howard Barker

November 21-22, 1997

Only Some Can Take the Strain
Directed by Alphee Spurles
Assistant Stage Manager: Jeremy Williston

Bookseller – David Howell
Man – Brian Bordage
Woman – Katie MacLaurin

The Dumb Woman’s Ecstasy
Directed by Jason Walter Howe
Assistant Stage Manager: Lindsey Booth

Torturer – Jeff Bate Boerop
Woman – Heidi Malm
Youth – Jeff Richardson

Reasons for the Fall of the Emperor
Directed by Tania Breen
Assistant Stage Managers: Tabatha Biggar, Lindsay Booth

Alexander – Nick Gallagher
Officer – Nick Logan
Groom – Dan Valin

Not Him
Directed by Vaughn MacDonald
Assistant Stage Manager: Lindsey Booth
Heads: Jerilee Ferguson

A Woman – Patty Burchill
A Second Woman – Jamie Cook
The Man – Alex Hachey


Stage Managers: Tabatha Biggar, Coralie Cameron
Designer: Jason Walter Howe
Producer: Piet Defraye