Top Girls (1985)

By Caryl Churchill

Played in the George Martin Cafeteria, 1985


Marlene – Susan Hafner
Isabella Bird/Joyce/Mrs. Kidd – Kate MacRae
Lady Nijo/Win – Ann Walker
Dull Gret/Angie – Ruth Arsenault
Pope Joan/Louise – Debra Gray
Patient Griselda/Nell/Jeanne – Deborah Ferris
Waitress/Kit/Shona – Kate Halterman


Director – Ilkay Silk
Stage Manager – Suzanne McCarthy
Props – Margaret Hackett, Trish Smith
Costumes – Liz Chaisson, The Company
Assistants – Lori Toner, Todd Garland
Lighting – Pat Mills with Jim Gow, Michel Parent
Publicity – Alphee Spurles