1959 Pink Thunderbird

By James Mclure

July 1998


Laundry and Bourbon
Rehearsal Stage Manager: Jeff Richardson

Elizabeth – Stacey Quigley
Hattie -Katie MacLaurin
Amy Lee – Jill Staples

Lone Star
Rehearsal Stage Manager: Stacie Quigley

Roy – Nick Gallagher
Ray – Jeff Richardson
Cletis – Jeff Bate Boerop


Director: Ilkay Silk
Light Designer: Jarret Bartlett
Sound: Alphee Spurles
Lighting Technician: Martha Kolls
Producer: Alphee Spurles
Fight choreographer: Leigh Rivenbark
Dresses for Laundry and Bourbon: Sheila Staples
Poster Designer: Wolfgang Steffe