Partners for Mental Health – I’m Not Myself Today Program

I’m Not Myself Today Program

Partners for Mental Health have put together the “Not Myself Today” program to help Canadians transform the way we think about, act towards and support mental health and those living with mental health at work.

Statistics provided from Partners for Mental Health:

  • 500,000 Canadians missed work this week due to mental health issues
  • Mental Health costs the Canadian economy $51 billion annually
  • 3 in 4 short-term disability claims are related to mental health
  • 44% of workers say they have, or have had, mental health issues
  • Only 23% would talk about it with their employers
  • 6 million Canadians living with mental health problems are undiagnosed
  • Only 1/3 of those who have mental health illness in Canada report that they have sought and accessed mental health services

The primary goals of this program are:

  • To help raise awareness of mental health issues
  • To create a culture of support and acceptance of mental health
  • To provide resources to Managers to be better equiped
  • To provide resources to employees; encourage employees to pay more attention to their own mental health & well-being
  • To provide team engagement activities; building stronger teams and employee engagement

I am pleased to advise you that we have purchased the “Not Myself Today” Tool Kit that contains activities and resources necessary to help create a work environment where employees feel safe to learn more about Mental Health by providing the resources to both managers and employees.  We have been piloting this initiative with the Student Services & Residence Life Team for a little over three months with hopes that their experience will encourage other Departments to implement it in the future.  So far the initial results have been very positive! For more information regarding this program, please contact Human Resources at .

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