Trudeau and the FLQ

By Michael Hollingsworth

November 18-21, 2015

“Just Watch Me!”

Just in time for “Trudeaumania 2.0,” let TST transport you back to the acid-fueled ’60s when FLQ bombs and bullets met that ladies’ man in the bedrooms of the nation, the philosopher PM of Canada, Pierre Elliott Trudeau!

It was Expo 67, kidnappings, hippies, revolutionaries, and the clash of two superpowers: freelove and violent revolution!

Welcome to the maritime premiere of Michael Hollingsworth’s Trudeau and the FLQ, conceived and popularized by Toronto’s VideoCabaret!

“This show is engaging and hilarious, even as it is historically accurate,” says Robin Whittaker, who will direct the production. “TST is thrilled and honoured to be inspired by VideoCabaret’s unique design style as we offer it to New Brunswick with our own artistic spin!”

Adam Rhindress
Alex Rioux
Amelia Hay
Amy Baldwin
Angela Bossé
Brynn Weston
Cheryl Lee Watts
Danielle Chiasson
Diana Poitras
Dylan Grant
Gabby Fournier
Ian Goff
Jessica McKee
Kira Chisholm
Laura-Beth Bird
Liam Brown
Lucas Gutiérrez-Robert
Matthew LeBlanc
Miguel Roy
Robbie Lynn
Rodney DuPlessis
Samantha Gillespie
Samantha McCormack
Samuel Crowell
Sharisse LeBrun
Telina Debly
Wei Qing Tan

Director – Robin C. Whittaker
Assistant Director – Jean-Michel Cliche
Technical Director – Chris Saad
Costume Designer – Cheryl Lee Watts
Composer and Sound Designer – Rodney DuPlessis
Stage Manager & Properties Designer – Danielle Chiasson
Poster – Kara Brauen