St. Thomas Tommies Women’s Volleyball Teams (2000-2007) (2013)

volleyball01The tremendous run the St. Thomas women’s volleyball program put together between 2000 and 2007 is an amazing feat. The team won six Atlantic Collegiate Athletic Association (ACAA) championships during that stretch under the guidance of Coach Ed Welch.

The following names were members of at least one of the championship teams: Shylah Elliot, Robin Bewer, Kathryn Caiger, Amanda Campbell, Jennifer Edmonds, Amanda Fitzpatick, Kim Gale, Madonna Hurley, Launa Gauthier, Tiana Hicks, Madonna Hurley, Christine Lemon, Crystal MacFarlane, Kim McMorran, Theresa Moore, Mary Dawn Shea, Amy Welch, Amanda Wood, Evie Arseneau, Robin Brewer, Liz Gilbert, Allison Hilder, Stephanie Keating, Amy Yuill, Amanda Campbell, Margo MacGregor, Amy Murray, Evie Arseneau, Dan McMorran, Angela Nichols, Jeannie Seidel, Katie-Jo Pollock, Elynie Arseneau, Kate Flanagan, Mindy Goodine, Erica Megarity, Jennifer Doyle, Jennifer Leighton, Sarah Maguire, Andrea McAnany, Emilie Arseneau, Stephanie McAnany, Kelsey McNamara, Mary Elizabeth Moran, Morgan Roherty, Tara Thibault, Rébeka Frazer-Chiasson, Jayne Erickson.

The first two ACAA titles capped off two seasons with a record of 22 – 2 and both were earned with victories over Université Sainte-Anne. From December 2001 until the ACAA championship match in 2007 against Mount Allison, the Tommies put together an incredible 138-straight victories. Along the way, they defeated Sainte-Anne again for the 2003 title, Mount Allison for the 2004 and 2005 titles, and Mount Saint Vincent for the 2006 title.