Other-Than-Human Narratives of Identity

This project focuses on the experience of those who identify as Furry, Brony, Otherkin, Therian, Vampyre, Elven, or other other-than-human.  In particular, we are interested in how people come to identify as such, what it means to them to do so, and how this affects their lives.  The project seeks to generate understanding of diverse experiences and identities through understanding the stories of how people make sense of their lives and experience.

To date we have conducted a number of interviews with members of the Otherkin and Therian communities. We invite anyone to contact us via email or telephone to discuss participation in our research.

For more information please see  Information for Participants , or join one of our Facebook groups where the information sheet and consent form are accessible.

Contact Information:

Emails- baldwin@stu.ca or hlhnd@stu.ca

Phone- (506) 452 9596 or (902) 217 2726