Difficult and ambiguous medical diagnoses and allegations of child abuse

What is the research about?

This research is about the experience of families who have been involved in child protection proceedings as a result of an adult or child having been diagnosed with, or suspected of having, one of the following conditions:

Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSbP)
Asperger’s syndrome
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS)
a connective tissue disorder
a neurological difficulty or difference (e.g. dyspraxia,
autism spectrum disorder)

We are interested in what it is like for families – their thoughts and feelings, the impact of such involvement, the ways they have dealt with the situation – indeed any and all aspects of their experience which they are willing to share.

Further, we seek to understand the how families with an adult or child with Asperger’s syndrome and/or EDS, dyspraxia, or other conditions that lead to allegations of MSbP become subject to child protection investigations and proceedings.

It is hoped that the research will promote understanding and awareness of how medical problems become child protection concerns and the impact that this can have on families, with the aim of preventing this in future.