Forensic Odontology

What is forensic odontology?forensic-dentistry-bone

Forensic odontology is the application of the arts and sciences of dentistry into the legal system.

What do forensic odontologist do?

(1) They work with dentition in the identification of individuals by comparing  the unique aspects of the victim’s teeth with pre-death dental records, and the use of teeth as a source of DNA.

(2) Compare dentition with the pattern injuries in human tissue or bite marks or comparison with the biting patterns in inanimate substances.

(3) Aid in analysis of personal injuries to the head and neck to determine the presence of and reasonable cause for the claimed injury.

(4) Lastly, they working in the analysis of negligence, standard care issues and injury in dental malpractice cases. Of course, a forensic odontologist can also testify as an expert witness.

Check out the work of world known Canadian Forensic Odontologist David Sweets:

or take a look at McGill’s forensic dentistry program!


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