Ethics Rupture: An Invitational Summit about Alternatives to Research-Ethics Review

October 25-28, 2012 in Fredericton, NB

Many scholars in the social sciences and humanities have noted the inadequacy of the current formal system of research-ethics review to fairly offer ethical consideration in light of their research needs. The formal system of ethics review has placed the social sciences (and some humanities research) in a precarious situation. The bio-medical conceptions of research on which the system relies are not up to the task to give discipline-appropriate advice to other fields.

The time has come to convene an international summit to find alternative means to underscore the ethical approaches in social-science and humanities research.  Alternative means would also stem the tide of the homogenization of the social sciences and the humanities and the pauperization of their methodologies brought on today by research-ethics regimes.

The Ethics Rupture Summit is a convocation of outstanding thinkers from a half-dozen countries who have substantially contributed to debates on these issues and who already have thought and written about viable alternatives.  Because supporters of the prevailing formal research-ethics regimes are already given much air-time on official agendas, listservs, and policy conferences, the Summit provides a unique opportunity for scholars to freely exchange ideas about alternative ideas about research-ethics review.  The Summit is open to all who wish to follow and learn more about these ideas.

Ethics Rupture is made possible through funding by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRCC), the two universities in Fredericton: St. Thomas University and the University of New Brunswick, and The Atlantic Centre for Qualitative Research and Analysis at St. Thomas University.

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Chair: Will C. van den Hoonaard (Sociology, U of New Brunswick) <will@unb.ca>


Pat Sikes (School of Education, U. of Sheffield) <p.j.sikes@sheffield.ac.uk>

Collaboration for Critical Research Ethics

Mark Israel (Law, U. of Western Australia) [via Skype] <mark.israel@uwa.edu.au>,

Gary Allen (Griffith U., Australia), and Colin Thomson (U. of Wollongong, Australia)

Trust us, we’re Consultants: Adventures in and around the Adversarial Culture’.

Martin Tolich (Sociology, Gender and Social Work, U. of Otago) <martin.tolich@otago.ac.nz>

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